Industrial Safety International (ISI)

Standard First Aid Training

(Internationally Recognized)

Who Should Take It

Under the current Occupational Health and Safety Code of Alberta, employers are required to have first aiders and first aid supplies based on their hazard classification as a worksite, the amount of employees working per shift, and their proximity to a health care facility.

This course is to support the legislative requirements of industry for first aid. Any employee would benefit from first aid training both in the workplace as well as outside the workplace. It has been noted that a majority of first aid treatment provided by first aiders has in fact not been work related.

Courses Benefits

Although there are many benefits for learning about how to properly administer first aid, here are some examples of some of the important points:

• In order to comply with legislated requirements, worksites are required to have a specific amount of trained and qualified first aiders
• An element of the health and safety program for Alberta Partnership requires the worksite to meet and/ or exceed the legislative requirements for first aid
• Upon successful completion of this program, the trainee will be able to apply the concepts and techniques learned in providing first aid assistance to an injured person.

Standard First Aid Training

Courses Topics

• What is the role of the first aider in an organization
• Learning and applying the techniques to check a victim that may require first aid
• Applying the techniques in administering a variety of first aid treatment based on the type and nature of the injury that the victim has sustained
• Proper CPR awareness and techniques

Training on specific tasks such as gas testing, operation of rescue equipment, breathing apparatus, or isolation and lock-out, is outside the scope of this course, and is offered in advanced courses.


This is a two-day course. Once the participant has completed the course, a test is administered to ensure a minimum level of competency for the theory and the application of first aid and CPR.
Contact ISI for details on locations and dates for this course.
The certification that is given to successful class participants is good for three years from the date of issue.

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Interpreters available upon request in Spanish and Hindi