Industrial Safety International (ISI)

Plant Shutdown

Hygiene Support

  • Vessel entry tests for Chemicals including Benzene, and NORM prior to and during Vessel Entry
  • Respirator Selection and Quantitative / Qualitative Fit Testing
  • Asbestos Risk Assessment and on-site fibre counting
  • Review Material Safety Data Sheets for chemicals brought on site; prepare code of practice and safe work procedures
  • Check air quality, and worker exposure to airborne chemicals
  • Hazard Assessment and Risk Rating

Safety Support

  • H2S Safety
  • Breathing Air
  • Emergency Response
  • Emergency Shower Services.
  • Safety Supervisor Training.
  • Confined Space Entry Identification, Labeling, and Training
  • Lockout and Tag-out Program Development including Training and policies
  • Construction Safety
  • Safety Audits for Certificate of Recognition
  • Accident Investigation and Training
  • Safety Inspection and Training.
  • First Aid Training

Environmental Support

  • Test Air and Water Quality to meet Provincial / Federal standards
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Waste inventory control and characterization
  • Benzene emission testing for dehydrators as per ERCB Directive 039
  • Environmental noise testing as per ERCB Directive 038
  • Drilling Fluid – storage, handling and safety.
  • NORM testing for “unconditional release.”
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Program support.