Industrial Safety International (ISI)

Health Care Services

Site Assessment

Our experts can do a quick walkthrough of your hospital and provide an audit of your health and safety hazards. ISI uses specialized instruments and analytical techniques to identify, evaluate and control air quality concerns.

We have extensive experience in Ventilation designs for Operating Rooms, Laboratories, and Cancer Treatment areas.

ISI has been performing routine monitoring for laboratory chemicals such as Formaldehyde and Xylene for many years.

Our unique site assessment techniques for Respiratory Protection, Infection Prevention, and Pandemic control are second to none in the healthcare industry.

Program Support

Mr. Joseph, Principal Hygienist for ISI is one of the very few Registered Occupational Hygienists having thorough knowledge of the healthcare needs. With over 20years of experience in the healthcare industry in identifying, evaluating and controlling hazards is at your service.

Work area assessment for respirator need, infection prevention, and engineering controls.

Air monitoring to determine employee exposure to chemicals including Anesthetic gases, Formaldehyde, Ethylene Oxide, Asbestos, and Mould.

Provide Respiratory fit testing, training, and code of practice.