Industrial Safety International (ISI)

Hazard Assessment Training

Who Should Take It

Under the current Occupational Health and Safety Code of Alberta, employers are required to ensure that there is a system in place that identifies both real and/ or potential hazards that are present in our work environments. This system requires active and meaningful participation of employees when practicable to do so.

This course is designed to support those who are in the position of:

• Management;
• Supervisors;
• Lead Hands
• Workers (office included)
• Health and Safety Committee Members.

Courses Benefits

Although there are many benefits for learning about how to properly conduct thorough task-based hazard assessments, here are some examples of some of the important points:

• In order to comply with legislated requirements, worksites are required to actively identify both real and/ or potential health and safety hazards
• An element of the health and safety program for Alberta Partnership requires the development and application of hazard assessments and the hazard controls that need to be implemented to control the hazards identified
• Upon successful completion of the course the trainees will be able to recall the concepts of a hazard assessment and then apply the techniques to complete hazard assessments in the workplace.

Hazard Assessment Training

Courses Topics

• The legislation as it applies to hazard assessment and analysis
• Learning the concepts of what is a hazard in the workplace
• The steps to take when performing task-based hazard assessments
• How to prioritize the tasks from the greatest risk to those tasks that are minimal in risk
• How to document task-based hazard assessments that are simple and easy to administer in our health and safety management


The length of this course would vary depending on the class-room One-day course to On-line training to conduct hazard assessment and using our web-based program. Participant will be tested for competency.
Once a participant completes the course, they have the option to complete an example hazard assessment of a task at their worksite and have it evaluated by our professional staff. If successful through this review process, the participant could obtain a “Certificate of Proficiency” for hazard assessment and analysis.
Contact ISI for details as well as ask our company representatives on customized hazard assessment program for your organization.