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Guideline to become effective training

Who Should Take It

Under the current Occupational Health and Safety Regulation of Alberta, requires employers to ensure that workers have been trained properly to conduct their jobs. This process is deemed “to a level of competency”. It is not just important to be familiar with the content of what you are training but also understand the dynamics involved in how to approach training.
Ideally, this course is directed to:

• New managers;
• Supervisors;
• Company trainers;
• Health and Safety Representatives.

Courses Benefits

Although there are many benefits for learning about how to plan, prepare, and conduct training on adults, some of the benefits from this course includes but are not limited to:

• In order to comply with legislated requirements, worksites are required to ensure that their workers are properly trained and can demonstrate a level of competency in their job positions and tasks.
• An element of the health and safety program for Alberta Partnership requires the application of training for several elements.
• Upon successful completion of the course the trainees will be able to recall the concepts of a what makes an effective trainer and apply those concepts to their approach to future training that they conduct.

Guideline to become effective training

Courses Topics

• Understanding the dynamics involved in training adults
• Identify and apply your strengths when facilitating material to adults
• Identify the areas that require further development in order to improve your ability to train adults
• Develop and apply strategies to areas you want to improve in order to advance your facilitation efforts
• Deliver a 2-minute presentation using some of the skills and information acquired from this course.


This is a half-day course
Contact ISI for details on locations and dates for this course as well as to ask our company representative about site-specific training for this course.
Once a participant completes the course, the company does have the option of bring back the course instructor to sit in a training session with the course participate and grade their ability to apply the knowledge from the course into their training sessions. If successful, the course participant will receive a “Certificate of Proficiency” for applying basic skills when training.
For further information on this option, contact ISI.

Discount is given on larger groups for more information please contact us

Interpreters available upon request in Spanish and Hindi