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Confined Space Entry Hazard Awareness Training

Who Should Take It

The 2009 revision of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code included major changes to requirements around confined space entry (CSE). For example, all CSE now requires Permitting. Employers are required to ensure that all workers involved in CSE are properly trained on hazard awareness and proper safe work procedures.

This hazard awareness course will be of interest to anyone with responsibilities for CSE work, including:

• Management
• Supervisors
• Lead Hands
• Workers
• Health and Safety Committee Members

Courses Benefits

This course will provide workers involved in confined space entry work basic hazard awareness training to reduce the risk of accidents and incidents.

• Achieve compliance with Alberta OHS Code requirements for CSE training.
• Understand the major changes to the OHS Code sections on Confined Space Entry – including the new category of “restricted space”.
• Demonstrate management commitment to health and safety of its employees.
• Create confidence and understanding in those with responsibilities for CSE work.

Confined Space Entry Hazard Awareness Training

Courses Topics

• Alberta legislation as it applies to CSE.
• The elements of an effective CSE program
• Understanding the different requirements for a “restricted space” and a Confined Space.
• CSE Permits
• Learning how to anticipate and identify hazards in the workplace related to CSE.
• How to understand typical air monitoring results
• Essentials of lock out and isolation

Training on specific tasks such as gas testing, operation of rescue equipment, breathing apparatus, or isolation and lock-out, is outside the scope of this course, and is offered in advanced courses.


This is a half-day course taught by Registered Occupational Hygiene (ROH) accredited instructors with extensive experience in developing and managing confined space entry programs.
Students are required to complete a short exam to ensure comprehension. Successful students will receive a Certificate of Completion (wallet sized card) on Confined Space Hazard Awareness Training.
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Interpreters available upon request in Spanish and Hindi