Industrial Safety International (ISI)

Benzene Emission Testing

Dehydrator Engineering and Operations Sheet (DEOS)

The above DEOS represent 0.3ton/benzene/year emission. We will collect inlet/sales gas and rich/ lean glycol samples, as well as on-site testing performed for H2S and Dew Point, and benzene. Unlike others, we control benzene wasted during sample collection.

ERCB Directive for Benzene

Benzene is classified as a “Confirmed Human Carcinogen.” The Alberta Energy Resources and Conservation Board (ERCB) require Oil and Gas Licensees to:
• Post compiled DEOS / Inventory reports on site.
• Update DEOS annually, and or when there is a change in site conditions.
• Specify the optimum condition for reducing Benzene emissions.

What is unique about ISI?

ISI has the specialized ability to combine both Industrial Hygiene Testing for worker exposure, and DEOS Testing for the Environment, thereby reducing travel and other expenditures.

Our Chemical Engineers / Registered/Certified Hygienists can assist you with GRI-GLYcalc program for the preparation of DEOS.