Industrial Safety International (ISI)

Asbestos Worker Training

(Government Approved)

Who Should Take It

The “Asbestos Worker” course is to meet the intent of the Occupational Health and Safety Code of Alberta that workers working with asbestos receive necessary training.
This course is key for workers who plan to perform asbestos abatement as their career, and for site management who manages asbestos.

Courses Benefits

Although there are many benefits for learning about how to work safely with asbestos, here are some points to consider:

• Regulatory requirements and to support due diligence
• Worker protection from the heath effects of asbestos
• Environment protection
• Program management for sites that contain asbestos.

Asbestos Worker Training

Courses Topics

• Understanding the health effects associated with asbestos
• How to assess the potential hazards
• Types and use of respirators and protective clothing
• Safety issues related to asbestos abatement work
• The responsibilities of the “worker” and “employer”
• Asbestos containment
• Negative pressure systems
• Waste disposal requirements


This is a two-day course. Once the participant has completed the course, a test is administered to ensure a minimum level of competency for the information presented in this course.

Contact ISI for details on locations and dates for this course.

An Alberta-approved asbestos worker certificate card (valid for three-years) is provided upon completion of course and exam.

Discount is given on larger groups for more information please contact us

Interpreters available upon request in Spanish and Hindi