Industrial Safety International (ISI)

Asbestos Services

What is Asbestos?

A naturally occuring fibrous mineral substance, which does not burn, is resistant to most chemicals and flexible with high tensile strength.

It is used in various products such as in insulation, fire-proofing, sound proofing, and chemical resistance.

When it breaks up and becomes easily airborne. Asbestos fibers can contaminate a work area without being observed by the naked eye.

Health Concerns?

Fibers that reach the lower parts of the lung (Alveolar Region) is extremely small in size, ranging from 0.01 to 5.00 micron size, and can settle down for very long period of time.

High level of Asbestos in the lunges can result in diseases like lung cancer. Most countries have banned the use of Asbestos, and have strict regulations in place for the handling of this substance.

What can ISI do for you?

ISI is approved by the Alberta Government for “Asbestos Worker Training” for personnel conducting asbestos remediation.

Our Certified / Registered Occupational Hygienists specialized in Asbestos survey, Air monitoring, Risk management can support you in all your needs.

ISI can provide you customized databases for Asbestos Inventory, and Risk Communication.