Industrial Safety International (ISI)

Accident Investigation Training

Who Should Take It

Under the current Occupational Health and Safety Act of Alberta, there are specific responsibilities outlined for carrying out an effective accident investigation. The Prime Contractor of a worksite, or if there is no Prime Contractor, the Employer for that worksite must report to the government and carry out an effective investigation.

This course is designed to support those who are classified as an “Employer” in the Province of Alberta or for those who will be assisting the company accident investigation program:

• Management;
• Supervisors;
• Lead Hands;
• Health and Safety Committee Members.

Courses Benefits

Although there are many benefits to carrying out an effective accident investigation, here are examples of some of the important points:

• In order to comply with legislative requirements, proper investigations need to be carried out by every company in industry
• To reduce the cost of the event by managing the impact of the event
• Ensure companies have trained accident investigators to assist in their participation in the Partnership in Injury Reduction program

Courses Topics

• Understanding the health effects associated
• Legislation that pertains to investigations
• Defining what an accident is and the elements involved
• The elements that go into an effective accident investigation
• Identifying the human elements in an accident
• Setting up an accident investigation process in your company that is specific to you and your business


This is a one-day course. Once the participant has completed the course a quiz is completed to ensure a minimum level of competency is realized for general accident investigation information.

Contact ISI for details on locations and dates for this course as well as ask our company representatives about site-specific training on Accident Investigation. Once a participant completes the course, they have the option to complete an example accident investigation at their worksite and have it evaluated by our professional staff. If successful through this review, the participant could then obtain a “Certificate of Proficiency” as an investigator.

Discount is given on larger groups for more information please contact us

Interpreters available upon request in Spanish and Hindi